Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lights and O gauge in BRM

Along the road at night

In the July issue of BRM I'm finishing the retail park diorama started last month.

When we started planning the model it was be relatively simple - a motorised van running around some buildings. This eventually became a retail park and then idea surfaced along the lines of "Let's put some lights on it."

Well dear reader, those lights took a heck of a lot of work. For a start they have to be fitted to the buildings, ideally without any light showing through thin plastic. Then there are street lights to be modified and fitted, plus some spots for the entrance sign. After this, road vehicles also need illumination. THEN you have to wire it all up!

You know what though? The end result looks brilliant. Far better than I'd expected. Turn the lights out in the room and the edges of the model disapear and all you can see are little scenes illuminated in pools of light.I want to do more of this...

O gauge wagon

Wagon building continues as we reach O gauge and a kit I've long wanted to have a crack at. 

The Peco 16 ton mineral has been around for years but always looked an interesting prospect. If I'm honset, the opening doors were the main source of excitement, but then I'm a big kid and like that sort of thing. 

Biggest surprise though when building was that the top rail is hollow. In 4mm we just get a solid piece but the larger scale allows greater fidelity. Whether anyone will spot the difference is a discussion to be had, but I liked it and think the finished model looks great. If you want to see the doors open though, you'll need to buy the magazine!

Finally, Hellingly Hospital makes it into the cut out and keep track plans section.

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