Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Adding doors

As far as body detail goes on the Cravens, MTK pretty much leave it up to the modeller. What you find in the box is a nicely pre-formed aluminium shell with the windows punched out.

Doors have to be scribed onto the surface following the plan. My CD marker pen is running out of ink but pencil works fine. First I marked a line for the top of the doors. This happens to be the width of a steel rule held against the rainstrip, or at least that is near enough and easy to do neatly.

Next, I marked 1mm either side of the windows for the verticals using a square. It's a bit fiddly around the tumblehome but with practise a straight line can be achieve. Better to get the hang of it with the pencil. Non-window doors are 7mm wide, possibly should be 1/4mm wider but I this is easy to measure and looks right.

A scriber ought to be the ideal tool but I found the line too narrow. The Olfa cutter makes a much better and wider line as well as being easier to direct down the side of the square. Any slips, and there were some, will be sorted with a smear of filler after priming.

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