Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Aussie navy buildings

Cockatoo Island buildings - brick

Two years ago, I was enjoying a trip to Australia. Being a bit odd, I skipped the beaches and traditional stuff, finding my way to Cockatoo Island.

Despite the name, the island isn't a rural paradise, it's an ex-Navy dockyard. Found in Sydney Harbour, it's easily reached by ferry and once there, makes a fascinating days exploration for those who like industrial architecture. 

Most of the buildings are still intact, some in limited use. There are numerous large cranes dotted around and lots of rust. It's fantastic. 

Looking back at my photos, I really must put together a proper album, for the minute, you'll have to make do with these two and a trip to the website.

Cockatoo Island buildings - metal


tomholio said...

I'm looking forward to swimming there next month (really! There is a race to the island and back from nearby Balmain). Won't see much from the water except the taller cranes, and a lot of jellyfish.

Phil Parker said...

You do know there is a perfectly good ferry don't you? No need to swim! :-)

Good luck.