Thursday, October 06, 2016

Steradent stove

To furnish the inside of my shepherds hut, the manufacturer provides a bench. I suppose this gives somewhere to sit and possibly even kip, but it's going to be cold in the winter. 

There is a hole in the roof for a chimney but nothing for it to connect to inside. That seems odd as the box shows the door open so the interior will be visible. 

Anyway, I spotted a steradent denture cleaning tube in my parents shopping and thought it looked about the right size for a stove. Once the empty vessel was acquired, it turned out to be better than I thought. 

With a little imagination, the plastic top looks good for the stove top and a few bits of plastic sheet give me a little added detail. While it might be visible, it's not that obvious so I'm not going to go to great lengths. Just the suggestion will do the job. At least the chimney will have something to be connected to. 

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Nick Brad said...

Excellent work, I love it