Saturday, October 29, 2016

Large Scale Model Aircraft, Gaydon, 2016


This show doesn't disapoint. Organised by the Large Model Association, as the escalator delivers you to the upper floor, the first model on show is a quarter scale Argentinian Pucara. THAT is a large scale model.

Rather like last weeks model engineering show, this was a hall full of amazing models that I can admire but not copy. Well, I suppose I could but not without a lot of practise and hard work.

One interesting sight, not actually on display, was a 3D printed fuselage being carried around by one of the traders.

3D printed plane

The model is (paid for) downloadable and designed to be printed in several parts on a home printer. Problems have been encountered getting flat surfaces properly flat, hence the lack of wings. The owner went to to explain the economics of printing for large scale models - basically it costs a fortune.

Spooky pilots

Talking of 3D printing, there is a nice range of pilots from Real Model Pilots. I couldn't resist a photos of these as haloween approaches.They make "proper" ones too, all amazingly light. 

And I did make a purchase, but I'll show you that tomorrow...
Most of the modesl were far more traditionally made. Loads of blasa wood and lite ply, all covered with fibreglass and vinyl for the most superb "paint" finishes. 

Cake was lemon, and just sligthly too tall for easy eating, but I managed anyway. 

ead over to Flickr for my photos, including some bonus motor cars at no extra cost. 

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