Friday, October 21, 2016

MTK motor bogie

MTK Motor bogie

This is a first for me - a motor bogie from a kit fitted with traction tyres. Admittedly, they look a bit like rubber bands, but then that's what traction tyres are so fair enough. 

The motor is a heafty beast. I'm sure it's a known make but can't place it for the moment. I'm sure someone out in blog land will be able to help as a nice Friday puzzle. 

It turns over well enough with a bit of 12v DC. While not the most sophisticated unit out there, I plan to retain it. The wheels are another matter though. I'm not great fan of traction tyres, although not as madly against them as some on a popular web forum, but for a single car unit? I don't think they are required. 

The wheels look a bit aluminium so I decided to replace them with Romfords. The axles are 2mm diameter and the gears firmly fitted. Waggling the wheels didn't budge them so more effort was required.
Wheel removal

My GW Models gear puller was the perfect tool for the job. Screwing the plunger down eased the axle from the wheel . The replacements slid into place easily enough, although a dot of superglue has made them perfectly secure. I didn't remember to check them with a back-to-back gauge first!

The re-assembled bogie still works so I haven't broken anything. Time to look at the body.


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Personally I don't mind traction tyres, I have heard people say that they increase dirt on the tracks, but honestly I haven't tested myself to see if that's the case or not.