Monday, October 03, 2016

Find the Fieldbahn

Leo the loco

Warley is approaching and I need a reliable locomotive to run on Owen's Bridge. The"proper" Simplex is pretty worn out and I'm not sure it can be revived for a couple of days worth continuous running. 

As a backup, I have a Roco 33209 "Leo" to tickle up with a bit of dirt'n'detail.


Under the basic body, the mechanicals are very nice indeed. OK, it's only a 3 pole motor but this drives quite a gear chain via a spring coupling. 

What I can't find is any photos of the real loco. I'm assuming this is because Roco have freelanced the model to fit a chassis, but if not I'd like to find a photo of a prototype. Can anyone suggest anything?


Anonymous said...

Try it's in German but the galleries are fairly well organised. Of course that assumes the prototype is German

Huw Griffiths said...

I think you're right about this Roco HOe loco being a bit freelanced.

The same goes for the variants (with detail differences) also offered by Roco - saying that, they look rather attractive.

As for what it actually looks like, I think there might be elements of a number of makes - Gmeinder - O&K (at a pinch, possibly even Plymouth?).

I even tried checking the (often very useful) <> website - but to no avail. Unless one of our friends on a NG modelmaking site knows something, I suspect that this one might remain a mystery.

Anonymous said...

The tooling of the two Roco Feldbahn locos dates back to the 1960s, at that time they didn't really bother about prototype accuracy.