Sunday, October 16, 2016

Collecting rubbish

Jam and stirrers

Let a modeller loose in a cafe and what happens? 

He doesn't leave the tiny jam pots or used coffee stirrers to be thrown away like any normal person. They go in his rucksack for washing out to be filled with nuts and screws and stuff. 

The stirrers will probably be an aid to holding things being soldered, releasing a nice aroma of hot chocolate when they are.  

I like to think I'm being "green" rather than hoarding...


Frank Collins said...

Likewise I'm always on the lookout for those small jam jars, The last lot I salvaged were from a hotel in Fort William where we stayed after exhibiting at the Perth show last June.
I find them ideal for storing stuff like weathering powders that come in those little plastic bags. Much easier to dip your paint brush into than a plastic bag!

Andy said...

Phil, you're not alone. I love the stirrers and always 'rehome' them when finding them in restaurants etc. They make great timber around my layouts. A bit of vinegar and soaking in strong tea and they look perfect as old wood. Andy