Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hut ready for the garden

Ready for the garden. I sprayed the hut with primer followed by car aerosol black.

This looked very clean and lovely, but not the look I was after. These things probably never looked new!

Out with the acrylic paint and my first shock was - no black. Don't know where it's gone as I know I used to have some, but there was grey and dark blue so I mixed these up, painted the "metal" and then wiped it down. The results weren't quite as dark as I might have liked, but they aren't bad, espcially in daylight. 

Some grey and brown mix applied in the same way on the woodwork looked OK. Finally the red wheels with gunmetal treads. 

It might not be finescale, but placed outside amoung all the wrong scale real plants, I looks great. I just can't decided whether to keep it in over winter or put it in place now.


Tony Cockrell said...

Um - shouldn't the small pivoted wheels be at the far end for towing??

Phil Parker said...

The beam with the pivot is at the door end. Can't see why it matters though, this isn't a travelling van or caravan, I don't think these moved much. Mind you, the steering wheels can't swivel as they hit the wooden chassis!

Sam Evans said...

Roller living vans usually had the door at the front. This was not a hard and fast rule.