Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Back to the 80s with Cornwall House

Cornwall House 2

Right Move describe this building as "a detached modern office building arranged over 3 floors with 2 suites per floor. A central entrance at the front of the building leads on to a staircase that serves all floors together with a passenger lift. The vacant suites have all been refurbished and generally have suspended ceilings with recessed lighting and perimeter trunking. Toilet facilities are centrally provided within the building core."

They have an interesting take on modern as Cornwall House was built in 1987 - not exactly modern image - and it looks like it.

Cornwall House entrance

This is pure 1980s, the 1980s of Capital City, Filofaxes, red braces, Margaret Thatcher and mobile telephones the size and weight of bricks. Green windows, faux copper roofing and the overall design come straight from that decade.

Cornwall House 1

Personally, I love it. The lines are clean with little extraneous detail. 

For modellers, it's modestly sized building a minutes walk from Princess Risborough railway station. I know we tend of obsess over buildings from the early part of the last century but if you are modelling the 80s, this sort of structure is worth examining as it's incredibly hard to freelance anything as convincing. 

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DS801 said...

Neat building. Has character.