Sunday, October 23, 2016

National Festival of Railway Modelling 2016

Wickham Railcar

With my shiny new DCC controller, I was looking forward to setting up Ruston Quays at Peterborough this year. For the first time ever at a show, I would be able to shunt the lower yard. With the station shuttle working, we'd have two trains moving realistically on the 6ft long layout.

As it turned out, the DCC device attracted a huge amount of favourable attention. The guys from the MERG stand wanted to see it, as did quite a lot of the visitors. I understand that several headed off to sign up with MERG afterward which makes me feel very pleased.

The other star of the show though, had to be Bachmanns Wickham Railcar. The BRM review samples had arrived a couple of days earlier and we gave them a workout on the shuttle service. While this might not be realistic for the layout, it IS entertaining and precisely the reason we have both DCC and DC on board.

Walking around time was limited, but I did manage to track down some excellent chocolate cake on the Saturday lunchtime. I certainly needed the sugar hit as by the end of day one, I was tired out.

HD Garrett box

Sunday saw me refreshed and with time to wander around a bit before the show opened. My star layout was the Faller Hit Train display for no better reason then it's utter barking mad. The fake Hornby Dublo Garratt was brilliant too, especially as they'd made both the loco and it's box.

Day 2 went well with more and more chat with visitors. The controller was fondled by many, one group even recognised the Inglenook yard design and successfully shunted a train for me - something I'd always wanted to see happen. Perhaps that means I've achieved everything with the layout and don't need to take it out again? 


Anonymous said...

I do like the inglenook design and often think about make a small plank type inglenook layout in N gauge with DCC sound but not sure on buildings etc to make it less of a straight plank with straight sidings.
Maybe a good piece for your blog or magazine in the future as there is bags of operational interest there in a small layout if you don't have space for a big layout.

Daily reader... Keep up the good work


Nick Brad said...

I think the only way you could retire Ruston Quays now would be to come up with a replacement. These small layout ideas and builds are very inspirational and nothing can beat seeing them in the flesh.
I remember seeing Edgeworth being built in the magazine, but actually getting up close with it at Doncaster gave a whole extra dimension and I hope many more people have the chance to experience and enjoy RQ before it disappears.

Malta Model Railways said...

Hi. I recently came across your BRM article on building the MERG DCC Controller. I built one myself and the biggest headache to be honest was finding a suitable container for the controller so I'm very curious to know where you got the container for the controller which is in the main photo of the article. Thanks in advance.

Daily reader

Phil Parker said...

Rymans. It's a "Really Useful Box Company" box for pencils. Cost £2.99 as I recall. I wanted a see-through box so people could see what I'd been up too and this was large but ideal.

Malta Model Railways said...

Cheers and thanks!

Malta Model Railways said...

BTW, I ended up using an old hard-drive bay.