Friday, March 31, 2017

All aboard for Coalville

Last weekend it was trains, this weekend, it's the first model boat show of the season. 

For the last couple of years, I've headed up to the very enjoyable Coalville Model Boat show, this time, I'm filling the car with little boats so I can man the Knightcote Model Boat Club stand. 

We're not taking a huge amount of space  - it's not a local show after all so signing up members isn't the name of the game. Instead we're supporting the show and looking to promote a couple of spcial events the club is holding in the summer. 

Another advantage of a small stand is that with my dad, we can fill and run the stand on our own. This save co-ordinating several people travelling with models. Other members will be dropping in, but they can come empty handed, even if they don't leave that way!

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Apple Tree said...

You contribute an awful lot of time and effort to promoting our modelling hobby. Well done yet again Phil.