Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Boxhill Station


The final fling for my N gauge layout in a box was to be Ally Pally. Here, the new owners would pick it up and take it home. 

Winning the model involved inventing a name and the most popular was "Boxhill". The layout is in a box and includes a sizable hill so that sounds perfect to me. 

All I had to do was add the nameboards and for that I got in touch with Justin at ScaleModelScenery. A couple of days later, I received an envelope containing the parts for 3 boards. 

The parts are quickly released from the card with a knife and then the layers built up to make the nameboards. Even aligning the letters is easy (ish - this is N gauge so they are tiny) thanks to the name being etched into the middle layer.  

Painting involves stroking the letter surfaces with a brush. I could paint before assembly but decided against this. That might have been a mistake but in my defence, I was in a hurry. The results look better than the top photo suggests thanks to less than ideal lighting. Honest.

Hopefully, the new owners are very happy with their layout. Thanks to Bachmann and Gaugemaster for supplying materials and all the encouragement from people at TINGS last year when I was building it.

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