Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Pliers rack

Part of the preparation for the Doncaster show was to really clean up my modelling board. Not just put a bit of stuff away then sweep the big bits of swarf into a bin, properly take everything off the board and clean up the deepest corners of the rubbish and muck that has been festering there for years.

It was pretty horrible.

Back home, I'm determined to improve. When working, I chuck offcuts into a pot for quick transfer to the bin. Tools will be stored properly and not just amass in a pile under my right hand.

To help, I picked up this rather nice laser cut rack for pliers form Poppy's Woodtech for a fiver. 10cm long and with the top of the support 9cm from the deck, it's perfect for small pliers but too small for Xuron cutters with their longer handles. Assembly is a matter of seconds as the parts locate very securely. No glue required, but I did need to gently tap them with a hammer.

OK, I could make something shaped like an inverted T with a couple MDF offcuts but I like the 3-point support rather than the solid sheet base I'd have produced. And it was only a fiver at a show that didn't see much buying action.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

I am not comfortable with storing pliers and similar tools with the jaws pointing upwards. There is potential there for a nasty injury if someone was to fall onto the rack.


Jeffrey Showell said...

I'm with fifteenflatout. The long, pointed jaws sticking upwards in your photo look like an opportunity for a nasty reminder of where you've stored your pliers.

matt scrutton said...

Easy, put them on a shelf