Monday, March 13, 2017

Dust and muck

I can't stand seeing people messing around with the wrong tools for the job, especially when the right tools are easily available.

Which is why I confiscated the rotating brush head from our Henry vacuum clears from my dad as he prodded and poked at it with a large screwdriver. It might have been the right tool for undoing the screws holding the two halves of the casing together, but not for de-fluffing the inside.

Carefully stripping down the mechanism was great fun. The fan blades which drive the brushes were removed using a vice and large hammer gently applied. Fine pliers pulled out rubber mounts and gradually extracted all the muck from inside.

Eventually it all went back together. Sadly, to no great effect. The cover over the drive belt has worn through in two decades of use and jams the unit so it looks like time to go and buy a new one. Still, taking things apart is fun!


Anonymous said...

Buy spare parts on line. They are easy to obtain, easy to fit and cheaper than any new Henry. Further, if your Henry is two decades old it will be much more powerful than any new one - European legislation.

Phil Parker said...

Not going to replace the Henry, just the brush head. And this newer Henry IS more powerful than the previous one. It just has a more efficient motor and 2 power settings, which is the whole point of the legislation. After all, someone has to square the circle or people wanting more powerful devices but not have any of the new power stations needed to supply these, anywhere near them.