Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Canalside concrete fence

Concrete Fence

On a stroll a couple of weeks ago, I spotted something that I'm sure I've seen many times in the past but never really appreciated - cast concrete fencing alongside a canal. 

Both posts and crosspieces are cast with embedded stones(?) in the mix. The bars are around 6 inches deep, rectangular in section but with chamfered corners. For a relatively remote spot and a very mundane job, I think they are quite elegant. No idea how old these are, but no later than 1970s. 

I'm not aware of seeing the design before (someone will doubtless find a reference, best I could do was this) but there is a lot of be said from a modelling point of view. This would be a dimple fence to scratchbuild using pre-cut lengths of plastic with a corners scrapped. Only two rails too so not much material required. 

Mind you, searching for pre-cast concrete fence, I couldn't find an exact match, but this image amused me: 

The fake wood is impressive, but you'll never get on thet horse wearing that...

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