Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mystery Wickham kit

Whitemetal Wickham kit

Earl King is one of the people responsible for me being involved in railway modelling. His enthusiasm pointed young Phil at the hobby so it's partly his fault. 

Anyway, a few days ago, he drops in. Having seen my pieces in BRM, in his pocket is a mystery 7mm scale Wickham trolley kit. It's obviously a very early multi-media model but there are no makers marks or other details to identify the manufacturer.

Whitemetal Wickham kit floor

The floor is nicely moulded and complete with some interesting "junk" detail. Underneath there is a rectangular indentation to accommodate a SPUD for motorisation. That places it late 1980s at the earliest.
So, can anyone suggest a manufacturer? I'm going to build the model anyway but it would be nice to know.


Anonymous said...

Same kit appeared on RMWeb a few months ago


Brian G

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Brian. So it's a Model Express kit now sold by J&M Huges.