Thursday, March 02, 2017

BRM stuff this month

After a quiet BRM issue for Phil stuff last month, there's quite a lot of me in the Spring 2017 issue:


Yes, while we recruit a new editor, I get to write the introductory page with some comments about the price of exhibition tickets that will have people spitting their tea out.

Wickham shed diorama


Ever wondered where Wickham trolleys lived with not being used by St Trinians schoolgirls as chase vehicles? I've been digging around and made a scene in 7mm scale that could be built in any scale. Of course, it looks a bit empty, but we'll look at that next month...

Build a narrow gauge loco
009 loco

Some time ago, I was looking for a suitable WW1 body for a Roco diesel. I've found one and it's an easy to build kit made with etched and 3D printed parts. Don't wait for Bachmann to provide you with something to pull that 009 rolling stock, make your own motive power.

Detail a platform

70s platform furniture

The 70s wasn't renowned for taste but now the platform furniture from that era seems as dated as Great Western benches and milk churns. For Stamford East, I've built some suitably dated clutter.

Model a local hotel

Park cottage

It's not often a kit for a local prototype turns up on my workbench but this German laser-cut kit is for a hotel 5 miles away from me.

Building a smokey chimney

One of the fun features on Ruston Quays is the chimney with real, and very smelly, smoke. Making one isn't quite as simple as you might think, but using an anglicised foreign kit and a smoke unit, I can stink out a show as well as an enthusiast who hasn't washed for a month.

Heljan 1366 review
Heljan 1366s

They don't often let me lose with new locomotives but even if they are Great Western, small locos found in docks are my thing so I've been digging out the prototype info and looking at the Heljan model. I've always wanted to build one of these, but do I need to any more?

Over on the DVD, I'm building an N gauge Wickham trolley.

And since the feature layout is my local club's P4 model Clarendon, we filmed the whole lot there complete with a tour of the clubrooms. I expect to be greeted at shows with, "Hello Phil. Hello Phil's dad..."


Duncan Young said...

The OO9 diesel looks like the Coferna used on the Haute Somme preserved line- it worked the sugar factory post war. is it a 3D print?

Phil Parker said...

Well spotted! It is a Coferna loco. Multi media kit with some very nice 3D printed and etched parts. If you fancy 009, it would make a good first loco.

Nick Brad said...

This issue dropped through my door this morning, haven't had chance to read yet, although I did watch the DVD and on that topic, I want to thank everyone involved in it's production. I was a bit critical of it last year as quality and content seemed to have gone downhill from the early DVDs, but I am happy to see that it has improved markedly over the last few editions. Please pass on my gratitude, although I shall also post on RMweb at some point about this.

Glad to see plenty of Phil content this month, can't wait to read about it. (I also liked the mention of cake when you all went to grab a cuppa, an amusing touch)

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Nick - there will be more DVD developments in the future too. We have a load of ideas to add more interesting content, some of which has already been filmed.