Friday, March 03, 2017

Garratt repair


A quick and interesting job has come my way - a minor repair to a Garratt. 

The return crank on one corner had come unsoldered from its pin.  Drilling through the old solder, cleaning everything up and then re-soldering with a hot iron and some flux fixed things. After 3 goes anyway. 

Once repaired, the locomotive runs sweet as a nut. I think it's built from the Backwoods Miniatures etched kit and apart from a few knocks to the paintwork, looks really nice. I'll admit that giving this one back to its owner will be hard as I'd really like one of these big Garratts for my own collection. Whether I'd be up to building all those tiny waggly bits is open to question...


Bill said...

A brave man indeed Phil. One slip with the soldering iron and you might have found out if you were up to building all those waggly bits.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a Backwoods NGG16. Nice paint job. I've built one and have two more to do, and have done two K1's. Not particularly difficult to build with your skills, but time consuming. Needs to be done carefully and take your time. The valve gear on these loco's builds up as sub-assemblies, making life much eaiser. still you have to make 4 of them, which adds to the build time.

A very nice kit indeed