Sunday, March 26, 2017

Larger Scale show 2017


Second show of the weekend, this time just around the corner from me and for those interested on O gauge and above. 

To be honest, this is an event you go to because of the trade rather than the layouts. Portable projects tend to be less popular in garden scales and this year wasn't a vintage event in this regard.

Double Fairlie

That's not to say there is anything wrong with the individual models you see, it's just that the emphasis is very much at the front of the train. This means loads of beautiful live steam locomotives to drool over. In fact it's the smell of methylated spirits that hits you when walking in the door. 

Tradewiese, it's not bad. Were money no object, I could have left with a Garratt from Brandbright at £3500 and also IP Engineering's new basic train which can be yours, loco and 3 wagons in laser cut kit form, for £110. Lovely looking model too. As it was my dad found some figures for a model boat he is working on so that worked well.

No cakes for lunch, but a nice fish and chips so no complains there. 


Andy in Germany said...

That CDR railcar is beautiful, but I can't get an idea of the scale. How big is it, really.

And that reminds me were you not going to make a Manx railway at some point? How is that going?

Phil Parker said...

The Railcar is 16mm to 1foot scale, so BIG.

Foxdale - yes. One day...