Monday, March 27, 2017

Repair the old lorry

Lorry without wheel

Checking Owen's Bridge over before it's trip to Ally Pally, I found the lorry had become detached from the board and was rattling around inside the box. 

Most of the model was intact, but a mudguard had come lose and the corresponding wheel was missing. 

Without the vehicle, the figures looked out of place so it needed to go back. Based on a WD Models kit, finding a replacement wasn't going to be easy so I needed to improvise. Either the kit needed repair or a new vehicle had to be found. 

The number of WW1 era lorries in my stock is nil, so I came up with a plan to jack the missing axle end up. Searching the web convinced me that a scissor jack would be wrong so a length of round rod with a square foot and long handle seemed right. 

The missing wheel is replaced by a hub as thought it's been taken away. No idea how right this is but it looks better then an axle stub. 

To stop this happening again, the rear wheels have been drilled for wires which are firmly anchored into the baseboard, something I should have done in the first place!


Anonymous said...


A brilliant piece of adaption to create an even more realistic scene. Now that's what I call excellent modelling - lateral thinking to a degree which is what modelling should be about.


Kelly Harding said...

I actually think it adds more interest.

All too often we see vehicles and people plonked on, often with only small thought to their purpose.

It looks good and looks about right to my eye. Perhaps if you are able to find a suitable wheel at some point it will look better with it seemingly about to be put back on again.

Bits of wood packing and other bits of detritus nearby might also add further to the scene.