Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Film Club: Hungarian narrow guage

Today's video comes from a suggestion by Mark Howarth. He says,

I'm really enjoying Saturday film club. I came across this film about a year ago while looking for something else. I thought I might suggest it for possible inclusion. The method of shunting wagons along at 9:25 minutes in, is quite original.

A little digging and I discover the line runs from Pörböly to  Bárányfok via Gemenc Dunapar in Hungary. There are details, including a timetable on this website.  It's unusual to see a working industrial railway nowadays, but I assume that aside from the tourist work, the poor roads make rail more practical than it might otherwise be. There's certainly a lot of mug for the lorries and pickup to negotiate!

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Thanks for sharing that lovely film. I really enjoyed getting immersed in the whole thing.