Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Coopercraft platelayers trolley

A little bit of product testing today. A pack of platelayers trolleys from Coopercraft have been knocking around for a long while now and when I wanted to test some Lifecolor weathered wood paints, I dug them out to be a test piece.

Being acrylic, they are fast drying so progress is rapid.  Assuming I wanted some nicely bleached wood, I used the paler base and once dry, dry-brushed it with the even paler highlights. It's nice paint to use with excellent coverage and being water-based, there's no smell.

The colours (note spelling, Americans, pay attention) are very nice. Certainly quite woody. Were there more detail (not to self: sand the plastic bits with something coarse to provide grain next time) I reckon the results would have been even better. 

To finish off, I gave the model a wash of Games Workshop earth shade.

Coopercraft's kit is OK but not one of their best. The model seems very square when I think it should be longer than it is wide. Bonus points for providing OO and EM gauge fittings. Also a useful extra wheel. As a scenic item dumped at the side of the track, it's fine. Pity you can't get them any more...

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Kelly Harding said...

You can get some of the coopercraft and blacksmith range still, but usually only at shows and then it being a bit pot luck as to what stock he has etc.

A shame as I really could make use of the blacksmith 4sub and other southern unit kits.