Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Deck clutter/details

To fill the deck of the YSD derrick, I needed some "clutter" and while browsing for figure (which I also found) on the SGT's Mess website, I found these rather nice resin mouldings.

Each ends up costing 83p so hardly expensive. Quite a big cheaper than individual items in plastic or whitemetal. A few evenings pleasant work with a paint brush turns them into perfect details for boat decks, or those mucky corners of a model railway yard that need "something" to add a bit of interest to the scene.


Anonymous said...

Rather disingenuous, don't you think, to say 'each ends up costing 83p' when they're available only in sets of 2-4 at £2.50 per set and the supplier wants £3.50 postage - i.e. £13.50 if you wanted the four items shown?

Phil Parker said...

That's why I didn't say they were 83p each. Aside from it being an odd price, I'd hoped the phrase "each ends up" would indicate you were buying several at a time. That and the link to the supplier of course.

These are still IMHO, cheap.