Thursday, July 20, 2017

Stations, footbridges, water and hedges in BRM

August is the BRM Scenery Special issue, so you won't be surprised that I've been getting my hands dirty.

We start with buildings. New Andy has built a station kit from 4Ground models and has made a few beginners mistakes. This isn't a problem, half the challenge when model making is knowing how to hide things, or at least bodge your way out of them. I've gone over the model and made suggestions for avoiding the problems and covering the results up if you get it wrong. 

Sticking with buildings, I've upgraded a Metcalfe Models footbridge and despite the simplicity of the techniques used, the results are very pleasing. There's nothing wrong with the original kit, it's just that the customised version looks better than I'd hoped it would. 

 Given some Woodland Scenics water products to test, I went off and made a model boat club - well I would wouldn't I? The easy to use murky deep water is really nice. I can see me pouring more of it in the future. 

 I've been shooting layouts too. First, we have the diminutive and delightful Vale Quarry on 009. A self contained cameo style project, it's the sort of model I'd happily have a go at building in the scale and with the arrival of RTR locos in the scale, I can see plenty of others doing the same. 

At the other end of the scale, but about the same length, is Lea Siding in Gauge 3. With some lovely detailed track and cobbles, it proves that you can work in the really large scales without a huge area. OK, this isn't an operationally exciting model but this doesn't matter, the fun is in the building. 

Talking of building, on the DVD I'm making hedges using a variety of products. It's very much "green fingers" time for me!


James Finister said...

Gosh, that footbridge has been transformed. Perhaps it just needs the windows lightly weathered somehow? Not sure how you would do that with printed windows.

The 4Ground model raises the question of what type of model should beginners begin with. Whilst we can learn from mistakes it is also nice to be guided to do things right the first time.

Phil Parker said...

The 4Ground model goes together well and the result is robust and good looking. Andy's mistakes were all classic beginners ones that he would have made on any kit. In this respect, it's very handy having him around to provide a different angle for us. I could have staged a similar set of photos but he made it much more authentic.

Footbridge - the window frames are a bit white, maybe a wash of acrylic might work. For the moment I'll leave well alone but when I can find a use for the model, perhaps I'll have another look. As you say, quite a transformation. One I am really pleased with.