Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Classic Nissen Hut

Thanks to Brian Macdermott for this picture taken at Denham Aerodrome. A proper, classic, Nissen Hut.

You can tell it's a Nissen hut because, unlike many models, the sides tuck under a little at the bottom. Models tend to be half circles for ease of moulding but strictly speaking this makes them more likely to be an American  Quonset hut. 

I'm sure the bush isn't an original feature but for modelling purposes, I'd consider adding it anyway since it makes for a lovely scene. Plenty of rust on the corrugated sides too but very streaky. The hut also appears to be an extension to the brick building behind it, another useful feature for modellers.

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Unknown said...

They're a fascinating subject and a must on certain aircraft dioramas as they're often to be seen around them as would be expected.