Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: In the back streets of Bourne

My regular trips to the Warners offices in Bourne mean I'm getting ever more familiar with the town centre, at least the bit between the office and lunchtime pub (I don't have a desk so have no choice but to go out for lunch). Walking along the street, I can't help looking down the alleyways between shops. Being an old town, the centre has grown up organically, but it's managed to resist becoming a "clone town" and there are interesting sights to be seen.

OK, this is "interesting" only if you like little industrial corners. This is beside a butchers and the owner though I'd got lost when I wandered down and took a snap on my phone. I explained it was for a model railway, the least mad idea I could come up with. 

Nice small brick workshop with an asbestos clad building towering over it. Plenty of simple modelling potential, it's the sort of common scene that we tend to ignore. 

Further down the street, a nice corrugated asbestos walled workshop or store - I couldn't see the front to find out. The roof is the same material but if you model it, sprinkle plenty of brown weathering powers or painty talc on top. That stuff needs texture as well as colour.

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James Finister said...

Bourne.... home of E.R.A and B.R.M!

Na only 23 miles the ELR for that matter.