Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Airfield hut

Airfield hut

Found in the middle of the Cotswold Airport, this corrugated hut is slowly disintegrating beautifully. Plaster peels away from the bricks on the end walls while paint falls of the asbestos roof. 

I've not idea what the hut was used for, presumably some sort of mess room, although the interior gives little away: 

And before anyone suggests a bunker of some sort, there are several of these dotted around, looking like this:

Somewhat easier to model than the hut! 

We'd stopped off on the way back from Warminster to look at the suprise jumbo jets standing around. My dad being an aircraft fan, I was glad that the planes scrapping company were shut. How we'd have managed with a 747 strapped to the car roof I don't know.

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