Thursday, July 06, 2017

Filling the dream garage

Toy cars

Most of us have a dream garage. Sensible people plan to fill theirs with supercars. Me, I'm going for something rarer than a Ferrari. 

Obviously I can't do this in real life. Cost and space issues preclude buying the real thing so I have to, like most people, make do with models. 

Recently, I've added some non-Volkswagens to the "collection" - a Scalextric TR7 and Corgi Talbot Rancho.Both were cars I loved the look of as a child and I think my youthful opinions are still valid. 

Of course, the common factor with both cars is that in real life they were terrible rustbuckets. I read recently that there are less than 10 Ranchos on the road in the UK. Being made of toothpaste tubes and rust apparently isn't a recipe for long life. 

The TR7 has fared better in that the really duff ones are long gone. There are still a few to be seen at classic car shows. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could own the real thing. Mind you, I'm not sure I'd fit in the tartan seats. 

Both models are projects as I disliked the colours. That TR7 is especially horrible, but I can fix that. In fact I have some ideas and parts are ordered. The Rancho is sort of OK, but I always thought they looked better in bronze and I have some paint in stock which I've never experimented with in the airbrush...


Nick Brad said...

For me in the 80s, it was the Shell/Corgi cars that I loved, sadly I played with them and they got bashed up before being lost to the ages.
However, I have found someone selling them on ebay, I may have to go put a bid or 2 in

Anonymous said...

You need to look at the site

It shows 3 Ranchos on the road in 2017 and 6 registered as SORN from

So less than 10 "legal" Ranchos


Phil Parker said...

Fascinating that there are more than 20 times the number of TR7s on the road than Ranchos! Just shows how rare a car it is.

Andy in Germany said...

I think I'm pretty immune from the 'dream garage' in the traditional sense.

I'd love a Huneligger though:

Phil Parker said...

Oh, yes please. That's top pedal powered transport.

Also, I might want to fill the garage, it doesn't mean I like driving. Still prefer the train or bus.

clive said...

I used to work as a receptionist at a local Chrysler UK dealer and I always liked the Matra Simca Rancho, as it was then badged. I sometimes took one out for a road test and it always seemed so much bigger then the 1100 it was derived from. With a 1400cc engine it had quite a good acceleration.