Monday, July 24, 2017

Grab rails and door handles

More railbus progress - grab handrails to help miniature people climb up the front steps and door handles so they can get inside. The sharp eyed will notice that the wire handles have been filed flat before fitting. I'm such a detail freak!

Both are attached too long and then cut once soldered. the extra wire makes handling them easier and I find snipping the excess off simpler when they are secure too. To be honest, I just cut the door handles off to match the vertical lines on the door. At least that way they all end up the same length.

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Huw Griffiths said...

Interesting point about filing wire "door handles" flat.

I've heard of another way of doing door handles (especially on O gauge coaches, built using Ian Kirk kit panels).

Solid brass panel pins have their heads squashed at right angles to the shaft direction - and the reshaped heads are trimmed into flat rectangles, using a file.

The modified pins are then fitted into holes in the coach bodyshell panel - and trimmed, so they don't stick too far inside the coach body.

I'm not too sure what adhesive would work best for this (perhaps a decent quality cyanoacrylate?) - but I might be interested in trying it for myself if I ever build anything in O gauge.