Sunday, July 09, 2017

Surface Warship Day 2017


We don't see many "grey boats" at our model boat club. Warships are popular subjects but being large and full of detail, they are probably a "high days and holidays" sail rather than something you take down to the club on a Thursday morning.

Last week, one of these high days arrived with the Surface Warship Association holding a regatta on our water.


Largest boat present was a 9ft long model in 1:72nd scale (OO for railway modellers) of HMS Warspite. This arrived in its own trailer complete with a hoist built into the sides. Building a model this large is one thing, moving it is quite another!


Most of my day was spent in the model railway club helping Chris Mead with his display. Overlord is a model of a dockside in the run up to D-Day. Elements of Portsmouth and Southampton Docks are brought together for a fantastic display that has appeared at over 100 shows in the last 25 years. 

Chris had only brought half the model, we didn't have space in the room for the whole 40ft. This did allow for a separate display of boats not being used so we put on quite a show for the visitors. 

Lots of people came in to see us and Chris was kept busy answering questions from interested visitors. I just did crowd control as lots of this stuff is a mystery to me. 

On the water, there were many boats, about which I know nothing, so please enjoy all the photos on Flickr.

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