Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Film Club: Cosford Large Model aircraft

Today, I should be telling you about the joys of the Large Model Aircraft event at Cosford. Sadly though, as we headed along the motorway we discovered that when the Met Office tells you there will be "occasional light showers" that they mean is monsoon conditions. 

Combined with a closed M6 and big roadworks on the M5 being mentioned on the overhead signs, we turned around and steered the car back through the floods. The point of Cosford is watching flying and the chances of seeing much of this in the rain were slim. 

So, lets go back to Summer 2013 when the roads were open and the skies blue to enjoy some big models flying through the sky instead.


Kelly Harding said...


I wonder if they'd be considered as drones by the likes of the CAA with the recent drone registration legislation just announced? (All drones over 250g in weight have to have a license to fly and restrictions imposed on their GPS systems to prevent flying over airports, prisons etc). There's no date when that takes effect mind atm as just announced.

Phil Parker said...

They already have to earn CAA accreditation. I remember talking to a guy who had built a Lancaster with a 14ft span. 3 years work, one of which was the accreditation. They need to prove build quality and pilot skill, not something drones worry about!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that video most enjoyable and some fantatsic modelling. I was crashed out after a rather intense morning ripping out a kitchen and that was a lovely way of motivating myself to get moving again.


Kelly Harding said...

That makes sense.

The new drone rules include having to pass a basic flying qualification from what has been announced.