Thursday, March 15, 2018

April Garden Rail

You might think that life as a magazine editor is full of perks and jollies. You might even think that I can't move for freebies showed on me from grateful manufacturers desperate to win my affections.

So why is it that I don't have a K1 Garratt?

Because it costs £4000 and we had to borrow one for Tag to review. Apparently he wasn't allowed to keep it or send the model on to me. It is a fantastic looking beast though. Lots of money but then what do you expect for a RTR articulated live steam locomotive that will only ever be produced in tiny numbers.

I'm probably better off with the scratchbuilding from scrap article. Much more my level.As is the IP Engineering motorised skip wagon build, a kit I've fancied doing myself but been beaten to for the moment.

I do get my hands dirty with some modelling, working over a Harecroft 3D printed mine tub.

Full contents list here. 


Mark said...

Looking forward to flicking through my copy..... for obvious reasons :)

Kelly Harding said...

Might have to have a look out for it and see what the scratch building article is like.

(Not normally a magsmaga on my radar as I have no usable garden for a garden railway).

A friend has however recently scratch built a hunslet diesel in g3 that looks great.