Monday, March 26, 2018

The BRM team visit Didsbury Green

At the weekend, you could see the BRM team full-size, but also in 4mm scale on Didsbury Green:

Editor Andy is stood beside the water crane.

Howard has got himself a very nice Morris Minor van.

And I'm trainspotting on the station platform.

You might ask where Andy York is. Well, Modelu haven't scanned him yet, but we're working on it. The figures do add something to the layout. I like the idea of people I know appearing on there - it's also a nice souvenir for when it goes to Canada.


Anonymous said...

Is this layout set in any specific region?

The only reason I am asking is that some people might try to use that Morris Minor - and its registration number - to "place" it.

(Somewhere near Burnley, I think.)

Phil Parker said...

Nothing so grand I'm afraid. The driving force was to fit the thing into a box and use buildings I had to hand already. We'll assume the van has been driven from Burnley to wherever. Let's hope they don't try calling the phone number on the side, you never know who might answer!

Chris Ford said...

I'm still not sure about using photographic backscenes, but that Moggy shot is really rather good.

Phil Parker said...

Photographic backscenes need a REALLY well-lit layout or to my eye, they look very odd. It's also essential to hide as much of them as possible and cover the join between 2D and 3D. Used well, they can be good, but not a panacea.