Sunday, March 25, 2018

Larger Scale show 2018

Easter Train

The snow was back last weekend. While Saturday around the venue was clear, by Sunday we had about 5cm. The roads were mostly clear by the time I drove in, but you wouldn't want to risk travelling too far in those conditions.

All this was sad, because there was a lot to see. The larger scale show covers gauges from O to G3 and there were even a couple of G5 locos in the room. In this respect, it's very like Garden Rail.

Buffing up the bodywork

Like all other large-scale shows, it's a friendly event. OK, with reduced numbers through the door, people were looking to chat, but not that much more than normal. It's also family friendly. Kids are happy to watch a loco circling a track, especially if it is steam powered as most of them are.

I like watching the owners prepare their models. Unlike the electric mice I normally work with, there a lot of oiling and fuelling followed by some cleaning and even pushing up and down to clear water from the cylinders. No chance just to plonk a model on the track and watch it go.


Once new model, to me at least, was a Lego layout with lots of homebuilt British trains. I've seen plenty running standard Lego products, but these guys had put in a lot of extra effort to give us UK stock. The HST looks particularly good.

Still cake-free, I enjoyed a delicious vegetable chilli both days. You want hot food on a cold day and this was very welcome.

The trade seemed to do OK, even though there weren't as many people through the door as normal. I bought a couple of wagons I'll show you later. I didn't buy a £4000 Garratt, but others did. And looking at it, I couldn't blame them.

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