Monday, March 05, 2018

Dredged from the depths - That's not a fish!

Our boating lake is full of carp. They eat the weed so sailing is rarely disrupted by this, but they also breed like watery rabbits. Last year a ban was placed on fish feeding in an effort to stem the reproductive tide, but something still had to be done.

Carp aren't a fish you can just hoik out and drop in a local river. Nor are they particularly edible being full of bones, and if you don't place them in clear water for a couple of days before dispatching, mud.

So, after much searching, the club found a local carp fishing lake who couple come along and removed a few hundred fish legally. They used a great big net and were very pleased to re-stock their water at no cost. We were happy to dramatically reduce the numbers so everyone is a winner.

The netting raised other beasts from the depths, specifically, this plastic bridge. No-one can remember who lost it from a boat, or when, but now it sits in the club waiting to be claimed. It's amazing what you can find at the bottom of a lake...

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