Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Buggy bits assembled

Revell has designed this kit to be easy to assemble. No glue is required, all the bits sort of clip into each other.

I'm not convinced. For a start, I grew up sticking plastic kits together so why can't the kids of today do the same? Never did me any hard etc. etc.

Really though, I find that without glue, nothing seems properly put together. Things wobble where they should be fixed. The silver parts aren't that well moulded either, plenty of flash needs to be trimmed away before assembly starts. Since it's a soft plastic, this isn't as easy as it could be either.

My dislike of rubber tyres was confirmed too. These are a little too big for the wheels and really do need some superglue to hold them properly.

Still, it all sort of fits in a lightly detailed way. Nerd note: you can tell this is an American kit as the car is fitted with a Type 4 engine rather than the more common Type 1. This is a bad thing as far as I am concerned. Airfix got it right all those years ago.


Anonymous said...

If you ever get the chance to try one of Bandai's snap together kits, they are a testament to Japanese engineering and design. Everything fits perfectly and holds together tight. Although as a model maker I do tend to glue anyway.

Woody said...

Hi Phil,
Nice looking build and the colour is spot on for a buggy. As you were showing concern about the engine I'll risk asking should there be a chrome frame around the windscreen? Would just finish it off if it should be there.