Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Digger done

My plans to test the AK chipping fluid didn't go completely to plan. Despite soaking the painted surfaces with the liquid, I didn't seem to be able to scratch through the paint to any great effect.

More effective was using a fibreglass pencil. I could wear through the top coat and expose the painted rust, but I think that would work without the clever fluids. I guess that this proves not all products give instant results. There is a learning curve and you don't get to leap straight to the top.

More experimentation methinks.

Anyway, I dry-brushed and washed the model anyway and am happy with the results. It's got a reasonable work-worn look. Now all I need to do is work out what to do with it next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, I think I missed your earlier post, but I presume you applied the chipping liquid to the areas you wanted to chip after the base rust colour, but before you applied the top-coat?
Regards Vaughan

Phil Parker said...

Yes, 2 coats. Then acrylic paint. Finally loads of chipping fluid.

Luke Stevens said...

Hi Phil, the process should be rust coat then chipping fluid then top coat, wait 5-10 minutes then scrub away. The chipping fluid needs to be between the initial coat, rust in this case, and the top coat. It works by stopping adhesion between the initial coat and the top layer. If you put it on top of the final coat it won't do anything,

Phil Parker said...

According to the bottle and anonymous above, you give the paint another coat of the chipping fluid and then scrape. However, my guess is that I left the topcoat too long. It needs to be soft for the reduced adhesion to work.

More experiments required.

Andy in Germany said...

I've never used chipping fluid but in Wargaming circles hairspray is considered a good alternative.

Phil Parker said...

I need to have another go at the hairspray thing again. The chipping fluid test is because I was given some and want to test it properly.