Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Handsome digger

Drip is quite a handsome model once built. Apparently 1:100 scale, he's 6cm long, 4cm wide and 4cm tall. Quite chunky too.

Assembly should be glue-free, but I used some anyway. The only dodgy bits are the hydraulic rams for the shovel arm lift. These should work for play value, but the first one I did is fine, the second, broke.

In retrospect, I think the instruction diagram is either wrong or confusing. One end should slide in a slot, but the drawing makes it look like it fits in a pivot point. The fact I had to drill this out should have warned me.

Still, I don't want play value. If I did, I'd whinge that the tracks don't move so you can't wheel him around.

I'm assuming that Drip parachuted in to fires, clears the ground for a firebreak and then drive out. How he repacks his 'chute is a mystery as it's well packed up here.

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