Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday - Lancing beach huts

Beach Huts

Beach huts are interesting things, at least to those of us living very inland. Those found at Lancing are looking a bit careworn, but I suspect will eventually receive a coat of paint once the season starts and the sun comes out. 

Looking through my collection, I'm not the only one to have modelled beach huts, I find several other layouts feature them:

Beach Huts

Bathing huts

OK, these ones are bathing machines, but it's just a hut on wheels...


Chris Ford said...

There were LBSCR carriages down there as well, but it would seem that the Bluebell has snuffled them up.

Phil Parker said...

There's a link to photos on this RMweb thread.

James Finister said...

Why has no one thought of introducing beach huts on the side of the BCN to go with the idea of urban beaches?