Friday, March 30, 2018

Bang went the LGB wagon

Leave me alone at a large scale model railway show and the Triang collector gets the better of me.

I've always known that one day an LGB exploding wagon would join the garden railway fleet. There are several OO examples from the Triang range in my cupboard - I just had to have the G scale version.

Unlike Triang, LGB has been sneaky with the operating mechanism. You don't hit this with a missile to make it go bang. No, rough shunting will do the job. Hit one end too hard and the wagon flies apart.

All the bits are satisfyingly chunky and slot together well. They even hold together as the model is wheeled around, but if you get careless...

1 comment:

Andy in Germany said...

Hmmm "Not to be loose shunted" would be an additional required label I think.