Friday, March 09, 2018

Masking a tram with cornflakes

I don't mind helping my Dad out with some painting, but I insist he masks thing up himself. It's a job I hate and he's got plenty of time for this sort of fiddly work.

Anyway, on the bench at the moment is an Ochre G scale tram kit. The sides need to go blue, we have a rattle can. All we need is to stop the paint getting inside where it's all supposed to be a varnished wood finish.

His solution is "out of a box" - making a box that slips inside the tram body from cereal packets. Not difficult, but certainly pretty nifty and I'd not thought of it before. 


Kelly Harding said...

That is pretty clever thinking. Thanks for shsrsha.

Anonymous said...

I waite the results hoping the spray doen't leak around the window frames
Who rubs down the primming coat, or coats

Huw Griffiths said...

If anyone's really worried, there's nothing to stop the use of tape inside the bodyshell, around the window frames. If desired, it can be cut to shape using a scalpel.

Otherwise, I guess there's always blu-tak or plastiscene.