Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Film Club: The train that floats in the sky

Monorails are rubbish. With one exception, the rails are always mahoosive beams that cost vastly more than a traditional track bed. Pointwork requires enormous constructions. 

Basically, the whole lot offers very few benefits over a normal railway, while the downsides are terrific. 

This doesn't make them any less fascinating of course. Which is why I share with you this film by the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership covering the TSR2 of the rails - the Hovertrain.


James Finister said...

Phil, I can think of more than one exception, including the steam monoloco, but for the absolute other end of the spectrum you can't beat Chris Shilling's approach. And yes I am tempted as an adjunct to the ELR.

Paul B. said...

Anyone spot the Ruston 48DS?
Unlike the hovertrain, it is still in working condition, converted to metre gauge and residing at Irchester Narrow Gauge Museum in Northamptonshire.