Friday, July 10, 2009

Cab handrails

Cab handrails
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Blooming prototypes. Just when I though I'd spotted all the differences between the kit and the real thing, I get bitten by another.

Someone took it into their head to fit extra long handrails on the cab - all the way up to the top of the door. Why ?

Of course this means that I'm four handrail knobs short. And these aren't the sort of thing available at my local model shop or even from most of the on-line suppliers. I seriously considered trying to fake things with a blob of solder on a stick but decided against this. Mainly 'cos in my heart of hearts I knew it would look rubbish.

After digging around I left a message on Tenmille's answering machine. A couple of days later they called back and I ordered a packet of knobs (only one size available now) and vac pipes which arrived a few days later. Fitting is easy enough as described before. Best of all, when I found an extra handrail on the bonnet there were just enough bits in the bag to do this too.

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