Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loco in black

Loco in black
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Not the greatest paint job I've ever done here. Humbrol satin black flew out of the airbrush but I think I might have over thinned it a bit. The result is patchier than I'd like and if I was aiming for an ex-works finish I'd at least have looked at another coat once the first was fully dry. Fortunately this locomotive will be weathered so perfection isn't required, in fact it will add to the finished effect.

Transfers are large 4mm scale which are a pretty close match to the ones on the prototype. Good job the real thing used numbers that were small ! Mind you, this was done by a preserved railway so I wouldn't rely on it being right for BR days.

The cab inside has already been painted in 147 (light grey) hence it has been masked out inside the windows and across the top of the cab. I don't mind touching things up but covering black with a very pale colour wouldn't be fun.

Best thing though - those plates which look fantastic against the black.

Oh, and I will get around to painting the brakes.

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