Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cab interior fittings

Cab interior
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker
As supplied the Ruston locomotive kit is a bit sparse inside the cab. A generic console is all you get. Folded up and fitted in place it certainly fills a bit of space, and in a scale where people are happy to run coaches without an interior, is probably sufficient for most people.

This time a more detailed cab is required and some very useful photos supplied. The console is still usable, although it has too many dials. Removing the raised rings would be difficult without damaging the ones required to I've painted them all in. Strange how some had wide bezels and other narrow. Presumably this depend on the instrument. Some push switches were added using microrod to the flat area.

Levers and supports have been scratchbuilt from plastic. Without measurements these can only be approximate but at least they look the part, or will when painted.

At the back of the cab there is a bench and thin cupboard, both made from plasticard. In the end this won't all be perfect but with the roof on and with the model working on a layout I reckon they will do OK.

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