Friday, July 31, 2009

Garratt kits

Garratt kits
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Yes, that's right - KITS. Two of 'em. in 7mm scale. And I have to build them in a hurry.

Months ago I agreed to take part in the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry "Garratt 100" event which takes place on 14th August. The idea was that I'd sit at a table with the O gauge Garratt I built a few months ago and demo building another one. Nice an simple.

Then the organiser bagged the built model for use on a layout. So I have to get another one finished for the demo table.

Then Gorton Church, built by Mr Beyer, decide they want a model for a case for the event and afterwards. So I have to build them one and another for the table.

So apologies, the next few weeks are going to pretty Garratt heavy. I'll try not to repeat myself, and promise to chuck in a few of the standby posts I have in reserve. In the meantime, a hot soldering iron is calling...

Garratt rear


Tony Maude said...

Not really related to this post - sorry. Just wanted to say that I've spent several happy hours browsing your blog. It has me thinking about the half-finished projects I have. Most of them are stalled because of my fear of ruining them with a bad paint job, which seems to be the only kind I'm capable of.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Tony. If I can persuade anyone to get thier hands dirty and finish a few projects then this blog will have done its job. As for the paint jobs, yes they can be "entertaining" but my understanding is that painting takes time. Do a bit and then stop to let the paint harden. Don't believe that you can only paint with an airbrush either. Use good paint (I like Humbrol enamel) and a decent brush. If you want a large expanse of black, white, grey or red oxide - go to a car accesory place and buy the stuff in aerosols.

And weatehr everything. Practise dry-brushing and you'd be amazed how bad a paint job you can save !

Good luck and happy modelling.