Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tiny gnomes

Tiny gnomes
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"What's this ?" I hear you bluster, "I was expecting some high quality modelmaking and you show me Gnomes !"

True, but they are very nice gnomes. The one on the left is just over 1cm tall so they'd be a bit hopeless in the garden but they can teach us a thing or two.

Lets start with the basics - these gnomes are from George Turner Mouldings and are cast in resin. If you've never encountered the stuff before then they are a useful exercise in painting it before moving on to something serious. Fresh from the mould via his stand at a show, they exhibit a little flash which has to be carefully trimmed off with a sharp knife. It's not the heroic levels I remember from plastic kits in my youth, or even certain eastern block kits today, more a few lines that need scraping a little.

The the figures were given a really good scrub with washing up liquid. This removes any mould release still on the surface of the resin. As bought I felt the gnomes were a bit slimy compared to other stuff but the scrubbing sorted this.

The rest is a nice easy painting job with Humbrol enamels. The toughest job is working out the colours to use - my palette isn't exactly bristling with suitable paint as it tends towards mucky browns and greys. As you can see, I just about managed it and very nice they look too.

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