Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini baseboard

Mini baseboard
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For some of the magazine work I do, I need to be able to photograph a railway model in a natural background. To date this hasn't been a problem as The Melbridge Box Company is ideal for the job. However it's only just over 12 inches long and therefore too short for a full length main line diesel locomotive or coach.

Hence my new project - a short length of embankment. Non-descript as possible and as quick to make as I can manage, it's still a chance to do a bit of scenery again to brush up my skills. I can't remember when I last did anything like this as the last layout was ages ago.

Anyway, the "baseboard" for this project is an off cut of 3mm play left over from refurbishing the inside of my campervan. To strengthen this and provide the height for the trackbed I nailed a bit of 2 by 1 ish sized softwood, again another of those bits found in the garage. Still, it feels good to use up some of those bits hung on to 'cos they will come in handy one day.

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