Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Melted pipe

Melted pipe
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Last year I managed to set fire to my VW campervan. At the time we pulled out the inside of the cupboard under the sink, put out the flames and left it all. Since I've not been camping this hasn't been a problem, just one of those jobs that will be sorted out "eventually".

Well this week eventually happened and so I've been digging into the results of the fire. I knew there was a plastic pipe running along the side and suspected it might need a little attention. As the photo shows, I was right !

Not only is the pipe somewhat melted, it's even got bits of welding rod sticking out of the bend where I had been trying to seal up the holes in the side !

The biggest problem was the quality of our construction of the cabinet - it's too good. Quite a lot of brute force & ignorance was required to get the floor and back out. Putting them back is going to be even more of a challenge, but first I think I need more pipe.

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